Dr Edmund Fordham- Independent candidate. For democracy and Brexit.


It has been a necessary sacrifice for me to stand as an Independent candidate in this General Election.

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Quote of the Day- usually to do with freedom, democracy or Brexit.

"I will forgive no one who does not respect the sovereign voice of the British people once it has spoken... When the British people have spoken you do what they command. Either you believe in democracy or you don’t.”     

Paddy Ashdown, 24th July 2016, while awaiting the Referendum result


My campaign

A Clean Brexit

I believe only a clean break Brexit will allow the UK  to prosper. 

It is also the only option we can take unilaterally. 

Unless  and until we leave, the only "deals" the EU would agree would be intolerably to our disadvantage. 

A fully independent UK can be  outward-facing to the World, not just the EU. 

Reclaim our Democracy

In  2016 we voted as a nation to Leave the EU, in our largest democratic  exercise ever. 

Our constitutional principles are that Parliament and the  Government in the long run give effect to the will of the people. 

But  since 2016 Parliament has sought every way to frustrate Brexit. 

The current General Election could have resolved the impasse and reclaimed our democracy, but only if candidates unambiguously committed  to Leave were standing. 

My stand as an Independent is to provide that clear electoral choice in South-East Cambridgeshire. 

An independent voice in Parliament

The Brexit fiasco shows that the current two-and-a-half party system makes MPs answer to their parties, not their voters.

If I am elected, I shall serve as an Independent MP, answerable only to the people of South-East Cambridgeshire.