I will say NO to Sunnica

I am SE Cambridgeshire's only Independent candidate for Parliament in this Election.

My primary reason for standing is basic democracy. But here we also have a local challenge- the proposed Sunnica solar farm.

I support the Say NO to Sunnica action group.

Sunnica already threatens to blight Isleham, Chippenham, Kennet, Snailwell, and my own home village of Fordham. Burwell may also suffer from the appearance of intrusive cables or massive battery packs. 

The area affected is huge- 3700 acres in the first edition, over a third of the area of Cambridge. People are horrified by its scale, but I believe plants like Sunnica are just the start.

The Tories, Labour and The Lib Dems have all bought in to the simplistic thinking that anything renewable is automatically good. All their MPs will be subject to party discipline to force it through. Only an Independent MP can oppose this dreadful project.

I graduated in Physics from Cambridge in 1977, and then wrote a doctoral thesis on wind energy. I have been a professional physicist and engineer ever since. 

I am uniquely qualified to be able to argue in Parliament against Sunnica, and I pledge to oppose it all the way.

With all best regards,

Edmund Fordham 

"Say NO to Sunnica" signs- I will also say NO to Sunnica.

"Say NO to Sunnica" signs- I will also say NO to Sunnica.